Participating in the maiden edition of the 7X7 Research Presentation Competition

Written by Jane Nebe (A third-year PhD student at SOE and a CAERe member)

The 7 x 7 Research Presentation Competition was held on Thursday, 26thApril 2018 at the Bristol Students’ Union building. This maiden edition was organized by Sam Brooks, the Chair of the Postgraduate Network, with funding from the Bristol Doctoral College’s Ventures fund. The format, although similar to the 3 Minutes Thesis (3MT) required that each of the 7 presenters presented for 7 minutes with 7 slides. The presenters emerged from different departments across the University of Bristol, and my participation meant that the School of Education was also represented.


Participating in the competition was memorable for me for two reasons. First, it was the first time that I presented my research with an idea of what my substantive research findings would look like. In my past presentations, the focus had been on the methods of data collection and analysis. Since I have spent the past few months analysing my data, I could now see the possible tangents of the central arguments for my Thesis. Preparing for this presentation therefore enabled me to develop and explore the emerging possibilities. Secondly, this was the first time that I was presenting my research as a ‘Competition’. My previous presentations had always been on the platforms of conferences and departmental course units, which were non-competitive. Personally, I dread competitions. So, I made up my mind to enjoy the process and focus on competing against myself. I had to present my research in 7 minutes, to a diverse audience, with strong impact. Overcoming this challenge was my competition!


Preparing for the presentation, I realized that I would love to see familiar faces in the audience during the competition. I felt that this would boost my confidence! It was therefore a huge pleasure to see Hong, Trang, Sha, Dini, Merve and Janey – colleagues and friends from the School of Education, in the audience. It meant the world to me and I love the positive feedback they gave me afterwards! I want to use this medium to thank them once again for turning up, despite their busy schedules. I also want to specifically appreciate Sha and Martin for notifying colleagues in their official capacity as Research Assistant and Representative respectively. I ranked 2ndin the Competition, which makes me really proud of the effort I put into the presentation.


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