External and Associate Members

CAERe also has the following external members:

Prof Jo-Anne Baird (University of Oxford)

Prof William Firestone (Rutgers University, USA)

Dr. Talia Isaacs  (University College London)

Prof Dayong Huang (China Civil Aviation Flight University)

Sandra Johnson (Assessment Europe, France, GSoE visiting Fellow)

Prof Valentina Klenowski (Queensland University of Technology, Australia, GSoE visiting Professor)

Dr. Massoud Salim (Ministry of Education, Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Prof Jaap Scheerens (University of Twente, Netherlands)

Professor Lianzhen He (Zhejiang University, China. IAS Benjamin Meaker visiting professor)

Professor Bill Irish (NHS Severn Deanery, Visiting Professor of Medical Education, University of Bristol)

Professor Sun Hechuan (Shenyang Normal University, China)

Amelia Peterson (Harvard University, US)

Professor Louis Volante (Brock University, Canada)

Professor Helen Simons (University of Southampton)

Dr. Shafqat Rasool (Assistant Professor, Department of Education,GC University, Faisalabad, Pakistan)


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